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Our vision and desire is to see the Holy Spirit be able to move as God wants and when He wants Him to move. We believe the church should be a place of comfort and healing. A place where your needs are met and no need is too great or too unusual. A place of rest where the people can come to receive encouragement for their journey. A place where miracles, signs and wonders occur every time you come together. A place where you never limit God. A place where communion is shared in remembrance of Him. A place where the fruit is as evident as the gifts that are in use. A place where the weak become strong and the poor become rich, by the preaching of the Word. A place where faith can be built up and restored. Where a fresh anointing takes place every time you congregate, not only with new vision and insight, but to remove burdens and destroy yokes. A place to heal the brokenhearted and restore broken marriages. A place where the children are encouraged to go out and evangelize the world. A place of repentance and where deliverance takes place. Most of all, a place where the Holy Spirit will not just visit, but dwell. A place where He has liberty and no one else is in control. A place where time is not an interest or factor, only doing the will of God out of obeying the things of the Spirit. A place for the sinner to find refuge. A place where people seek after His face and turn from their wicked ways. A place where there is unity among the brethren with one mind and that is to serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Sorrento Church of God • P.O. Box 418 • Sorrento, FL 32776 (352) 735-4245
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